Agimat FX Ultra Indicator / Agimat Trading System

Product Type:Software / Indicator
Author/Company:Dennis Buchholz / FX Tech Group Ltd. Asia
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Features:– Integrated Neural Network
– Artificial Intelligence (AI)
– Available for any pair/instrument
– Reversal Arrow
– Confirmation of Reversal Arrow
– Maxwell Equation Indicator for Future Prediction
– Alert (Desktop, Sound, Mobile/Push Notification)
Other Notes:Available for all timeframes.
Best Timeframe: H1, H4
Compatible OS:– Windows
– Mac
Payment Method Accepted:– Visa
– Master
– Discover Network
– American Express
– Paypal
What’s Included in The Package– 2 MT Account Installation (Live/Demo)
– Free Future Updates
– Support by Email and Facebook
– Video Tutorial on How to Trade
– Video Tutorial on How to Install

About This Product (Product Description):

Agimat FX 2020 Trading System Indicator is a basic swing trading instrument that suits all pairs. It applies crossovers between two MAs with special parameters. The signals are plotted in such a simple manner that traders with any level of experience will be able to understand it.

The main purpose of Agimat Indicator is to detect reversal zone (when the price is ready to pullback) and confirm with defined aspects to avoid or minimize false signals.

The Agimat Indicator fits well with shorter timeframes like M15, M30 & H1 charts. However, this indicator performs best at H4 timeframe. And It is recommended for you to wait till the confirmation arrow appears before you execute the opportunities. In most cases, you may expect a 1:1 up to 1:1.5 Risk:Reward ratio. So it is recommended to place your target distance no more than 1.5 of your stop distance.

How to Install Agimat Indicator:

How to Trade with Agimat FX 2020 Indicator: