FSO Harmonic Scanner 8

Product Type:Software / Indicator
Author/Company:Dennis Buchholz / FSO Tech Group Ltd. Asia
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Features:– Integrated Neural Network
– Artificial Intelligence (AI)
– Available for any pair/instrument
– Reversal Arrow
– Confirmation of Reversal Arrow
– Maxwell Equation Indicator for Future Prediction
– Stop Level
– Target 1 and Target 2 Level
– Alert (Desktop, Sound, Mobile/Push Notification)
Other Notes:Available for all timeframes.
Best Timeframe: H4, D1
Compatible OS:– Windows
– Mac
Payment Method Accepted:– Visa
– Master
– Discover Network
– American Express
– Paypal
What’s Included in The Package– 2 MT Account Installation (Live/Demo)
– Free Future Updates
– Support by Email and Facebook
– Video Tutorial on How to Trade
– Video Tutorial on How to Install

About This Product (Product Description):

No more manually scanning every single pair and time frame, as the FSO Harmonic Scanner 8 dashboard is connected to an Artificial Intelligence that does all the hard work for you. This brand new system allows you to click through all the available patterns, pairs, and timeframes without ever having to change or open new charts – saving you valuable time and providing you with devastating accuracy not seen anywhere else in the market.

The FSO Harmonic Scanner 8 system is connected to a neural network, which gathers data from the financial markets, configures that data to provide you with entry, take profit, and stop loss information so you can execute your trade without the fear of loss.

It operates on the MetaTrader4 trading platform, and with one glance, you’ll now be able to tell which harmonic pattern has formed on every time frame from 1 minute to the monthly.

As soon as a Market Maker pattern appears e.g W Pattern, Head and Shoulders, Half A Batman, M or V Patterns, the system will provide an entry alert that will pop up on your trading chart.

Introduction to FSO Harmonic Scanner:

Trade Volume Prediction:

Provides Stop Level, Target 1 and Target 2:

Trade results by Dennis Buchholz: